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Warm Up Routine Close Out

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In our previous article we have told you some good warm up exercises covering almost all major body parts using frequently.

if you don’t remember which warm up exercise to do, a bit trick is after performing stretches and cardio routine start a small set of your major workout routine as warmup

for example if you perform 100 reps of situps as your major workout your warmup is to be of 20 reps of situp. warm up is basically preparing your body for what to come so it is less damaged.


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Pre-WorkOut Warm Up Exercise 7: Jogging With High Knees

high knees

Jogging in place is great, but if you want to add intensity and want to warmupfastly, try lifting the knees high as you run. Your heart rate will thank you.

  1. While jogging in place, lift the knees high each time you jog.
  2. Try lifting the knees to hip level if you can, keeping the core tight to protect the back.
  3. To make it even harder, hold the hands straight at hip level and try to touch your knees to your hands each time you jog. Bring the knees up towards the hands, rather than bringing the hands down to the knees.


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Pre-Work Out Warm Up Exercise 6: Burpees


Like most kids, you probably HATED Burpees. I know I did. Why? Because they were HARD!! They made you breathe hard, your legs would burn, your shoulders and chest would ache … and you’d be pouring sweat when you were done. But, like most other things in P.E. class, especially the things we didn’t like doing, Burpees are good for you.

After all these years, I still do Burpees. Doing just a few serves as a great warm-up, and this tough exercise is so memorable because it works the entire body and gets the heart rate up in a very short period of time. The move is simple, but very challenging on the heart, lungs and the body.

After Stretching and doing your regular jumping jacks and other warm up exercises than move to burpees as it is high intensity warm up exercise. It involves several steps as follows;

  1. Stand with feet about hip-width apart and squat to the floor, placing your hands on the floor in front of you.
  2. In an explosive movement, jump the feet out behind you so that you’re in a pushup position, on the hands and toes with the body in a straight line. (For more intensity after you’re in pushup position you can dip for pushups )
  3. Immediately jump the feet back to start, stand up and repeat for 10 reps or for 30-60 seconds. (For more intensity after standing up you can jump straight, do this if you can balance yourself)

When using burpees as warm up exercise don’t do more than 10 reps as it would tire you for your main workout routine.


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