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Pre Work-Out Warmup Exercise 3: Lunges

 forward lunge

It’s hard to think of one exercise that provides more benefits to distance runners or workout routine involving lower body than the lunge. It strengthens key running muscles, such as your glutes, while stretching others, such as your hip flexors. It can help naturally lengthen your stride and improve your single-leg balance.

Forward Lunge:

To perform the forward lunge, start with a straight standing position. Then step forwarddynamic forward lunge into the lunge form with the right foot and contract your left glute muscle. Return to starting position. Then perform this exercise by stepping forward with your left glute and contract your right glut muscle. Make sure you maintain the posture throughout the exercise, and contract the back glute muscle while stretching, don’t let the front knee slide past the foot, and don’t let the back foot touch the ground when you are stepping for next lunge, and keep your chest up and back straight.

Take five steps with each legs and increase gradually day by day increasing its intensity.


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